Savory Cheeseballs

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These cheese ball mixes are made with just two blocks of cream cheese.  They come in a variety of flavors like the original pepper jack cheese ball mix.  All of our cheese ball mixes can also be made into a delicious dip mix by adding sour cream and mayonnaise.   

How do you make your cheese balls?

Simply add 16oz of softened cream cheese to the cheese ball mix and blend. Once done let it sit in fridge until cream cheese has firmed back up. Then roll into a ball and serve with crackers.

Do your cheese ball mixes contain any MSG or preservatives?

All of our cheese balls are MSG and preservative free.

Do you have spicy cheese ball mixes?

Yes we have 4 different flavors of spicy cheese ball mixes. Mariachi Mexican, Pepper Jack, Santa Fe Chile Queso, and Jalapeno Cheese and Artichoke are all spicy.

Can your cheese ball mixes be used for recipes?

Yes our mixes can be used for more than cheese balls. We have lots of fun and different recipes using all of the mixes. Plus we are always adding new recipes all the time.

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