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These all natural gourmet soup mixes are easy to make by just adding a few simple ingredients.  They contain no msg and are the tastiest soups in the market.  Some of our most popular flavors include. Chicken Enchilada, Classic Cheeseburger, and Loaded Baked Potato.  These soups are easy to prepare can feed a family of four.  Our dehydrated soup mixes do not contain any msg or preservatives.

How do you make the soups?

Most of the soups mixes are prepared by adding one can of tomatoes, water, and the protein of your choice. The cheeseburger and potato soup will need milk, cheese, and potatoes to be added instead.

How long does it take to cook the soups?

It takes about 10-15 minutes to cook most soups with just a few simple ingredients.

Are the soups all natural?

Yes the soups are all natural and contain no MSG or preservatives.

I have a store, can your soups be purchased wholesale?

Yes our soup mixes are available for resale. Just simply create and account on our wholesale sign up page, and once your account is approved you simply login and then you can order wholesale online.

What is your most popular soup flavor?

Our most popular soup flavor is the Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix. It is our original soup flavor and still our most popular.

Which soup mixes are gluten free?

The Chicken Enchilada soup mix, Tasty Taco soup mix, Campfire Chili soup mix, and Fire Roasted Tortilla soup mix are all gluten free.

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