Parmesan Pretzel

Parmesan Pretzel

Nov 09, 2020

Carmie’s Kitchen Parmesan Pretzels

Salty, cheesy, crunchy...such a tasty snack. We love to use pretzel bites but this recipe also works well with oyster crackers, pretzel twists, or saltines. Great to prepare ahead of time for school snacks or road trip snacks!



1. In a gallon size resealable bag or container, combine all ingredients. 

2. Make sure bag or lid is sealed and mix thoroughly; set aside. 

3. Every now and then, stir and continue to mix until all the oil is absorbed. S

4. tore any leftovers in an airtight container or plastic resealable bag.

Carmie’s Tip:

Substitute our Baked Enchilada Dip Mix, Texas Wildfire, or Fire Roasted Jalapeño for a spicier version.

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